Using a Vaginal Condom: Facts and Myths

vaginal condom

Did you know that there is condom protection designed for women? Female condoms, also called internal condoms, are a type of contraception designed to prevent the sperm from meeting the egg. In a reverse twist, these types of condoms are worn by women. It is like a barrier that is inserted inside the vagina. Do not confuse a dental dam that is placed just outside the vagina for oral sex with an internal condom that goes inside the vagina.

How to Use Vaginal Condoms?

The most commonly available vaginal condom from the top condom brands in India have a flexible ring on both the outer and interior ends to keep the condom in place. The outside ring also covers a part of the vulva. You need some practice to insert it properly. You have to squeeze the end of the ring and fold it in half to insert into your vagina, as you would with a tampon.  It may seem daunting, but you have to push it as far as up your cervix. If you have enough lube and lubrication, it would go smoothly. The outer ring would hang outside the vagina. It is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed about. Don’t you dare let anyone make fun of your sexual choices in or out of the bedroom.

If you want to use a vaginal condom for anal sex, you could find such varieties in the top condom brands in India. Never skip condom protection in whichever kind of sex you engage in. You could buy condoms online from the official website of Playgard condom. Let us bust some myths associated with vaginal condoms.

Myth 1: Female Condoms reduce Pleasure?

A Big Fat No! Female condoms create an extra friction on the clitoris that helps women orgasm faster. It could be ribbed as well to enhance pleasure.

Myth 2: Female condoms break easily.

Not really. Both male and female condoms could have tears. Some people believe vaginal condoms tear faster as they scrunch it and try to stuff it in. Use a lot of lube to wear it easier.

Myth 3: Female condoms are not easily available.

Sadly true. Most retail stores do not keep female condoms, as they do not sell easily. Always check the date of expiration when you buy condoms.

Myth 4: Female condoms feel uncomfortable.

The choice of wearing condoms depends from person to person. It could be a man or a woman. There should not be any difference in pleasure ideally. However, make sure that at least one of you is wearing a condom. It is kind of like an unmissable step.

Myth 5: Female condoms are just women trying to assert dominance.

Maybe. It may feel like women are trying to assert control in the bedroom when they choose to wear condoms. But, why shouldn’t they? Women deserve to be treated as active partners in sex rather than just submissive receivers.

Myth 6: Female condoms are not as effective in preventing pregnancy.

Sadly yes. Male condoms are also considered to be 85% to 95% effective in preventing pregnancy. Female condoms, if not used properly, have a lesser chance of preventing pregnancy.

In Conclusion Vaginal condoms are empowering for some women. It gives them a sense of control. While vaginal condoms are not as effective as male condoms, it does not require an erection to be rolled on. For men who have trouble staying erect for long, or other erection related problems, vaginal condoms could be ideal. If you buy condoms online from the official website of Playgard condom, you can be discreet. And, if you pay attention, you would always be able to tell if your condom is intact, or has a tear after use. If you feel a tear, please resort to emergency contraception post sex.