“I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.”


To those looking for sex as an answer, here’s your cheat sheet.

With delish flavours, enchanting packaging, and dots bigger than any, you can be the man of the match every time you play with Playgard Condoms.
More than the climax, it’s the foreplay that gives you the toe-curling satisfaction. Add to it a layer of protection and you are all set to become a champion of lovemaking.

Take it from us, protection and foreplay are priority.

Under Alkem Laboratories Limited, our journey began in 2015 with one vision; to own the Super Dotted condom space and establish the brand as a leader in the Indian condom space.

With our reach extending across cities in India, and owing to our faithful consumer base, Playgard is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing condom brand in India.

Our Journey So Far…

with a “bang”

Hit a milestone of 23.5Cr sales within the first year of launch

6th largest commercial brand in terms of volume sales (Nielsen Jan’18-Mar’18)

7th largest commercial brand in terms of value sales (Nielsen Jan’18-Mar’18)