Anal Sex: Taboo or Not?

anal sex

Have you heard of the phrase that while the door is open, why would you go out of the window? While this metaphor is actually used to imply the absurdity of always making complicated and hard choices, it could be applied to sex as well. Heterosexual couples can achieve pleasure through vaginal penetration. So, why would they be interested in butts? Sex is a taboo topic in itself. May the lord never hear about anal sex for you will have sinned beyond redemption then.

The recent controversy around Mindy Kaling’s show The Mindy Kaling Project’s episode on anal sex makes us wonder whether anal sex is only a fantasy for people, or something that is reserved only for porn actors. Yet, Harvard offered a class titled ‘What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101’ as part of its annual ‘sex week’ drive. In pop culture, the newest season of Girls shows that Marnie loves her butt to be eaten out. However, it is shocking to note that anal sex is banned in almost 14 US States as of 2020. So, is it a taboo or not?

Was Anal Sex Always Taboo?

It may seem that the ancient civilizations were more conservative and probably punished civilians for engaging in anal pursuits. The truth could not be farther for, the ancient Greek and Romans were feisty. It is well-known from their leftover myths and legends that not only they engaged in regular anal sex, they had no restrictions in choosing partners. The ancient Greek and Romans chose to ‘top’ or ‘bottom’ someone not based on their genitalia, but on the basis of their social position, wealth, or power in society. Everyone was free to choose their partners, making all of them pansexual.

What Made Anal Sex Taboo in Modern Society?

The influx of Christian ideals in the 12th century turned the world upside down. Monogamy was established. Divorces were condemned. Only heterosexual sex for the purpose of procreation alone was permissible, yet never to be mentioned in the public eye. Cut to 2021, homosexuality is a sin in most countries and heterosexual sex is also a hush-hush topic. Sex education is yet to be taught freely in schools. Anal sex is still quite a long way to be accepted and talked about.

Since anal sex is still considered by many as homosexual, or many do not know the correct way of approaching it with their partner, it remains a mystery only to be secretly masturbated to in private. However, Pornhub search results showed a 120% increase in ‘anal sex’ searches from 2009 to 2015. That brings us to the question.

Are People Secretly Doing it and Loving it?

You will be surprised to know the number of people who regularly have anal sex and claim to love it. However, the key to good anal sex is grooming, maintaining hygiene, condom protection, and relaxation. Streaming giant Netflix in its show Sex Education explored different types of sexualities. The love triangle between gay charcters, Adam, Rahim, and Eric broke the stigma by talking about douching.

How to Have Anal Sex?

In anal sex, other than condom protection, hygiene plays a big role. It will do you good to keep in mind that there is a higher risk of STDs like chlamydia, infectious hepatitis, gonorrhea, and HIV in anal sex. Douching, a practice of cleaning your vagina or anus with a nozzle of water is known to be a popular method of cleansing before anal sex. However, if you have a good digestion system and have lots of fibers, your anal canal would be clean.

Although ancient civilizations are known to have anal sex as a method of contraception, it could be likely that the semen spreads from the anus opening and enter the vagina. Condoms are essential. If you want to be discreet you could buy condoms online from Playgard condom, one of the top condom brands in India.

Is it Painful?

Our anus is not self-lubricating. So, to have good anal sex, the penetrator has to make sure that the anus is well-lubed up. Your best friend in anal sex is basically a huge tub of silicon-free tube. You could buy condoms online from Playgard condom, one of the top condom brands in India. You have to be very relaxed to have good anal sex. A deep trust and commitment is needed before you try anal sex with your partner. If you relax your anal sphincter muscles enough, it would not be painful but pleasurable.