Breaking The Taboo – Talk Out And Loud

Breaking the taboo

Let’s Talk About SEX!  

Remember the time in 9th grade your biology teacher skipped the chapter on reproduction? Weren’t we all introduced to our genitals as something to be embarrassed about? Can you still use the terms sex, vagina, and penis without getting several heads to turn?  

Break the silence

Speaking of Sex and things slightly related to genital are nothing but Taboo in India. Many head-turning things need to be spoken about but certainly are veiled with Sharam and if you be the bold type, you’re Besharam.  

Communication problem is real when it comes to talking about sex which certainly is a cause for problems in your adult life. Keeping your sexual needs under a shelf is something none of us will deny because that’s how it is supposed to be in our society. Strangely, one must be open about their sexual needs and preferences, but it’s the opposite. Couples are more into doing the deeds than understanding their partner’s needs and choices. It is a shame to consider sex as a pleasure achieving act than just an act of reproduction.

Crush it with communication

Sex is a heavy topic crammed with mysteries. Performance pressure in bed is real and so are body-related insecurities. Being conscious of how your body looks and if it’s preferred by your partner is normal.  

Having open communication is the most important thing when it comes to having a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. Opening up about your needs and knowing theirs will simply open doors for more pleasure. If you want condom protection, tell them. This could be a little tricky and you should know how to play it safe here. It is scary as it comes with fear of rejection and ridicule.

Spicing it up  

Sex is a party for both and the party should be full of fun and games to keep it lively. The key to a loving relationship is the ability to talk to them. Keep the door of communication open by learning what and how they like things. Praise the moves you love and gently put forward what else you would like them to try with you. Who doesn’t like hearing about their best moves in bed? Giving and receiving feedback is a step closer to a better relationship.  

Communication does not always mean going and talking to them directly. You can spice things up with better foreplay and the use of flavoured condoms or textured condoms. Talk dirty to them while elaborating what you would like them to do to you. Roleplay can do wonders, switching roles and trying new things will help y’all explore each other’s sexual interests. Everyone has their sexual fantasies, exploring those fantasies will help you keep the spark alive.

Road to connection  

Talking about sex can be a little uncomfortable in the beginning but later on, you will have the best sex of your life. Eventually, you will feel a lot closer to your partner than before. Sex is not just about actions but the emotional connection between partners. Playgard promotes a healthy and safe sex life. To keep it kinky, try our super dotted condoms.