The secret to the Big-O

Pleasure! Be it anything, we all run after pleasure even when it comes along with the sweet pain. Having sex is common but getting an orgasm isn’t. Hitting the right spot is crucial and don’t we all wonder if we are experiencing an actual CLIMAX. The depiction of orgasm in Bollywood movies certainly set the wrong expectation for us. The female orgasm was never the main concern.

Remember Swara Bhaskar in Veere Di Wedding? Her famous orgasm scene, which was quite talked about, is one way but there are several other ways too. Also, there are various sex positions and ways you could achieve that orgasm.

The Tingling Rush

When asked how would one describe an orgasm, most women described it as an out-of-the-world feeling that releases all the tension. There is no rule book when it comes to orgasm. Some general things you could experience are vaginal contraction, increased heart rate, pelvic thrusting or lifting, muscles twitching, moaning, or curled toes or fingers. Women can have multiple orgasms, unlike men. Certainly, up to 20 times. AMAZING! isn’t it? But not every woman is lucky enough. Unfortunately, some struggle to have even one. Read the following article to peak an orgasm:

Technique to Fuel things up

The Finger Movement

It is extremely common for a woman to not climax. Different women have different preferences and moves but, there are some things all women prefer like the use of flavoured condoms and, the use of the fingers. A partner could ideally set the mood, get undressed, light a candle, play music, and gently brush the fingers on the other companion’s genitals; being gentle and soft on some while a little rough on the others. Getting too aggressive could be a bad idea. Suck, nibble or kiss along. This will get the process of lubrication started. Softly touch and play with the clitoris. Finding the G-spot as the fingers move inside can be a little tricky but, once it’s found, man, she will go crazy.

Master the game of Sex toys

That extra clitoral stimulation does wonders. Spice things up by including sex toys. This can be fun and beneficial for both and sometimes it may even be the need. Use different toys, use them alone or with a partner. Any toy could help to achieve an orgasm. Play to reach an orgasm!

Twist that Tongue

Want to see women have an earth-shattering climax? Get in her ‘V’ with the tongue and the finger! Oral stimulation does wonders for women. Make use of the tongue and stick it in the right places to make her go higher.

That Heavenly Touch

Exploring and giving oneself pleasure is very important. Knowing what the body needs is important. Masturbation gives one the confidence to explore more with oneself and know what one likes and dislikes. Knowing one’s body can help in letting the partner know that the experience can be pleasant for both.

3 Sex Positions for the big O


Now, this is considered a common position but if done right it’s a jaw-dropping position to find the G-spot. Little work from both partners can do wonders. The man should elevate the woman’s hip and find her G-spot. To get the penis gliding upwards, place two pillows under the lady’s hip, making her pelvis tilt towards the ceiling. Use Playgard’s extra-dotted or textured condom for protection and more intense pleasure, and to give an extra boost, she could grind her clit into your pelvis region to get an orgasm even faster. Mix the old with the touch of new moves and see the magic.


Take charge. Taking charge is sexy. A killer position for the lady to stimulate herself. Reverse cowgirl is when the lady sits backward riding slowly and gently with all the power and control. She takes charge and control over the man and clitoris. A win-win situation.


Just think about sitting and facing each other with the woman grinding gently and slowly against the man’s penis. Sexy! Isn’t it? Now it may be not great for a quickie but it can help the lady peak instantly and simply blow her mind away.

Experience the height of pleasure

Women experience pleasure differently from men. But learning techniques to make things easier is surely a great idea for both. Being patient is the key. Learn and then experiment. Being considerate towards the lady and understanding how she processes is as important for the woman to know how her body works and needs. Keeping options open is important to have an exciting sex life. Do whatever to spice up the sex life but do not forget to wear a condom for safe sex. Also, the super dotted condom protection will surely make you the Real Player.