Tips for Making First-Time Sex Less Uncomfortable

Happy wedding day or first nights to all of our virgin girlies! You’ve most likely been looking forward to this, and we’re here to help. Losing your virginity is an odd experience regardless of the circumstances; it can be strange, awkward, and uncomfortable. It can also be beautiful if you take it slowly and listen to your body. There’s nothing to be concerned about. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. Ensure that you are prepared.

It’s critical that you’re completely committed to getting down before you do the deed. Do it when you are completely prepared.

It’s natural to be nervous when having sex with a new guy for the first time. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of suggestions for making the experience memorable—in a good way.

Learn about your body

Whatever your feelings or beliefs about masturbation are, it is extremely healthy. It allows you to get to know your body and discover what you like. This is crucial information to have on hand when engaging in sex for the very first time. Don’t be concerned about the old myth that masturbation makes you want less sex. That is not correct. Masturbation has been shown to increase your desire for sex.

Lubricants are your best companion

No matter how wet you get, your nerves from the first time will most likely prevent you from getting sufficiently wet. Nobody is ever “wet enough.” Lube should now be a part of your regular sex routine. You’re putting something inside something that has never had anything put inside it before—lube is required. We swear. Apply generously to your partner’s penis and vulva. It will make things go more smoothly.

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Don’t be aggressive with penetration

In the same vein, you should concentrate on foreplay on your first night. Rushing to the “big finish” is a big mistake that many of us made our first time. We understand that it feels like you’ve been waiting forever, but now is not the time to rush. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Your partner, assuming they lack experience as well, will need to slow down as well. Spend time kissing, licking, and touching each other’s bodies. Before you have penetrative sex, try oral sex. You can also make use of flavoured condom to improve your experience. This may be frightening, but it is well worth it. It will be painful if you rush into penetration. You want to be prepared and ready to go.

Select a simple and comfortable position

This is your first experience with penetrative sex, and it’s unlikely to be the most incredible sensation you’ve ever experienced. Vaginal orgasm occurs in only a small percentage of women, and it requires patience and a great deal of experience. The first time, it feels like physical pressure and may even hurt a little. Don’t rush, instead, take your time. We’ve all been there, it’s new territory. You should probably limit yourself to one sex position. You can obviously change it later, but for now, you just want to see how everything feels. Choose a position that is convenient for you. When in doubt, go with missionary or spooning.

Also, don’t forget proper condom protection try Playgard for the best first time experiences. Making the condom choice with your partner might just lead to even better experiences.

Allow unrealistic expectations to go

To be completely honest, when you’ve created a fantasy in your head, the real thing can be a letdown. Just keep in mind that this is real life. Going in expecting multiple orgasms from penetration and to become a wanton sex goddess with no prior knowledge to draw from is unlikely. It will most likely be awkward and strange. Don’t worry if you feel strange the first time. Be comfortable with the experience. It just gets better with time! However, your first time can be a magical experience (if you follow our tips above). You want it to be good; so, does your partner; and we want it to be good for you. Simply remind yourself (and your partner) that this is only the first of the many more times if you both agree. You two are in love. Trust us when we say there will be plenty of practice time.