Just Safe Sex, No Regrets; the HIV AIDS Advisory

It’s a scary world out there and we all take calculated risks to live and love. But how can you have all the pleasures without constant worry about STDs or HIV AIDS?  Read on to know quick safe measures you can adopt, how to gently pose the question about asking your partner to use a condom like Playgard– a top condom brand in India and even having a conversation about sexually transmitted diseases.

The Awkward but Necessary Questions

So, you’ve met that person who you’ve gone on a few dates and are just on the edge of physical intimacy. That lingering feeling of wanting to just hold and hug or kiss that person is something, we’ve all felt that. But to ensure that you don’t end up feeling that you are left with a bad bargain, it is better that you ask the necessary questions in as casual a way as possible before you are left with regrets.
Simply during a casual chat ask your partner if they’ve felt like this about someone else. Drop a hint if they have had experience *wink wink*. If you get the feeling that your prospective intimacy partner may have had multiple partners, drop a hint about protection and find opinions from them about safe sex.
Remember it is always better to be awkward but safe than sorry or regretful.

Kiss and Tell

Can kissing leads to AIDS? Does anal sex without condom with an HIV+ person cause AIDS? Yes, there are tons of questions and this blog will help you understand all of them. Ignorance is what often leads to unsafe sex, get all your facts right about how HIV AIDS is transmitted.

To answer the first question, NO kissing does not transmit HIV AIDS. Bodily fluids like Blood, Semen and Vaginal Fluids are responsible for the transmission. And to answer the second question, YES unprotected anal sex with an HIV+ partner can transmit AIDS, in-fact anal sex is the riskiest when considering HIV AIDS transmission.

It sure won’t be transmitted if you use Playgard protection – the best condom brand in India 

If you are a parent with HIV AIDS you may transmit it to your partner or your to-be child’s mother. A mother may transmit the virus on to her child if she has unprotected sex with HIV+ father. So, to conclude, HIV AIDS can be transmitted via unprotected sex, from the use of needles to inject drugs which may have been used by an HIV+ person, or from infected mother on to child during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding.

How Can You Protect Yourself from HIV AIDS

If you have had multiple sexual partners, get tested at least once especially if you have had unsafe sex without a condom. e condoms and insist that your partner always uses condoms whenever you indulge in sex. Never indulge in drugs and definitely never share needles while using any kind of injection. Choose Oral sex over Anal or Penetrative sex when you are doubtful as it is less risky, but always insist on condoms like Playgard – a condom brand in India. If you are a parent planning a child, consult your doctor on how you can ensure that you do not pass on the HIV AIDS virus to your child.

Don’t Be a Spreader of Myths

The HIV Virus is not spread by kissing or touch or socialising with an HIV+ person, but spreading rumours can make people scared and not share their concerns. It is important that you understand the reality of HIV AIDS. Earlier in the blog we have already shared the real causes of transmitting the HIV AIDS virus, now read on about myths.
HIV AIDS is not spread by air or water. Nor through saliva, sweat, tears, or mouth to mouth kissing. It can’t be transmitted by pests like mosquitoes or household pets like cats or dogs. And just by sharing a toilet or food or drinks with a HIV+ person you will not contract AIDS. It is important to delete the fear and stigmas around AIDS so that HIV+ people can be more open and honest about their disease which in turn will safeguard others too.

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