Exploring the Female Orgasm and How To Achieve It

Although all women deserve fulfilling sex and a pleasurable orgasm, it is estimated that only 70% of women regularly experience orgasm. Most women suffer silently in bed with their partner, who finishes the game faster than expected, leaving the woman frustrated. We will share with you some simple techniques and behavioural changes that will allow you to experience orgasm almost every time you have sex with your partner. Well, while you have sex don’t forget to use Playgard condom, for utmost protection and intense pleasure.  

Set the Right Mood

Set the stage for a focused, high-octane session with your partner by creating the right environment. Dim the lights, set the air conditioner to the proper temperature, eat foods known to increase sexual energy, spray the room with a pleasant fragrance, and choose lingerie that will make you feel sexy and attractive. Setting the right mood allows you to prepare your mind and body for the perfect session and ensures that you eventually hit the spot.

Exploring Toys and Lubricants

When you do the same thing over and over, sex becomes monotonous and boring. Sex is most effective when you try something new every time. Change your position, change your location, and slow down or speed up. Trying a different condom variety can also offer a welcome change to your sexual routine. You could add a vibrating ring or another new sexual stimulant. When you try something new, it can make a huge difference and dramatically increase the sensations you feel.

In order to make sex a smooth experience and to take away the mild pain and discomfort that are usually associated with sex, lubrication can be very helpful in assisting women to experience orgasm. It is best to use water-based lubricants with condoms because they are easy to remove after your orgasm. During sex it is safe to say, Playgard– the best condom brand in India, is extremely well lubricated for an experience that you deserve. And with the super dots that only Playgard condoms come with, you experience pleasure like never before.

Stay in the Zone 

Consider this time to be a gift from God for you to enjoy yourself. Set your phone to silent or, better yet, turn it off. Close the windows tightly and make sure no outside noise interferes with your rhythm. This is the ideal time to indulge in something that is both precious and pleasurable in your life. Avoid distractions and indulge in a happy feeling.

Exploring Your Sensory Hotspots

When things get heated, there are a few obvious targets you want your partner to hit. Your lips, nipples, and genitals barely scratch the surface when it comes to erogenous zones—those crazy-sensitive hot spots that can take you from zero to gotta-have-it-right-now. Your body is covered in highly sensitive areas that you may never have considered exploring. “An erogenous zone is defined as any location on the body that has increased sensitivity and can elicit a sexual response when stimulated.”

Experiment with new erogenous zone territory in the bedroom to take things to the next level.

Explore Your Fantasies

There is no reason to be embarrassed about sex. Live out your fantasy and do whatever you want. Don’t be afraid to go crazy or do the nefarious things you’ve always wanted to do. There is no one to judge you. If you’ve always wanted to do something but have been putting it off for whatever reason, let it go. The game of sex has no rules; it is best played without regard for any rules. In the game of sex, anything that gives both partners pleasure is acceptable.

Nothing is wrong with watching porn. Visual stimuli are extremely effective for men. You can also try watching some erotic scenes made specifically for women. Being visually stimulated can help you get in the mood for some steamy sex. You can try new things by watching or changing something you’ve been doing for a long time. Watching porn or reading erotica with your partner is another great way to enjoy sex without barriers.

Exploring New Locations

The best thing you can do if you’re struggling to reach climax in general is to start by figuring out how to orgasm on your own through masturbation. When you can easily reach a climax on your own, it will be much easier to have really exciting times with a partner.  Even if you are the queen of masturbatory techniques, you may still struggle to climax during full sex, and this is almost certainly due to insufficient attention to your clitoris.

The physical environment influences how comfortable you feel. Enjoy sex with your loving partner with protection with Playgard- the best condom brand, in a location that is convenient for you. Be it your bedroom, bath tub, hotel room, kitchen, or just about anywhere you feel completely at ease. When you are completely at ease in your surroundings, you will be happy internally, and this feeling will help you achieve an awesome orgasm.

Let go of whatever is keeping you from having sex. Sex is intended for both men and women to enjoy, and when you do so wholeheartedly, you are bound to experience an exhilarating orgasm. So let go of your inhibitions and negative emotions. Orgasm is not only a physical release, but also an emotional release. Know that you have the right to regularly release physical and emotional accumulation through orgasm. If you can let go, you may discover that you are more beautiful, attractive, confident, and positive.