How to Make Shower Times More Sexy!

You must have fantasized about having sex in the bathroom with water streaming down your bodies from the shower. It is an intimate way that strengthens your bond and draws you closer to your partner.

Depending on how you approach it, shower sex can be a wonderful experience.

It can be sexy and exciting, but it can also be embarrassing and dangerous if you’re not careful. A few bad decisions on a slick surface can ruin your mood and put you in an awkward situation. However, there are some helpful tips you can use to make shower sex more enjoyable:

Bubbles are Sexy

Lather up and make a luxurious foam to play with. While the final destination is sex, the intimate play is more important. You must first go through several frothy stages to spice up your mood. Lather up with a soap or shower gel that has a pleasant fragrance. Just hug each other and melt into each other’s arms while exploring sensitive areas with consent. Use loofah on each other’s backs while hugging and move gently in a rhythmic manner.  Remember that foreplay is key to the ultimate pleasure.

You get closer to a thrilling climax with foreplay.

Run your hands over one another after foaming up your bodies, paying particular attention to certain areas. While playing sexually with each other, observe yourself naked in the mirror. Show her the power of fingering while passionately kissing her in the shower. The kisses will be wet, but full of passion. This will arouse both of you and make for a more enjoyable shower sex experience. Remember to use extra dotted condoms for increased sexual stimulation.

A towel can help you avoid an awkward situation.

While having sex in the shower is exciting, there is a chance that you will slip while enjoying your perfect moments. Spread a towel on the floor to prevent a slip and fall while making out or having sex. A wet towel can provide the necessary support for your knees and buttocks while also protecting you from the cold floor.

Discover the best positions

There is no single best position for having sex in the shower. The positions may vary depending on your flexibility and the amount of space available in the bathroom. You can try the ultimate pleasure game in which the woman bends on her knees and palms while the man stands behind her and thrusts into her. Spanking can also be used to add a spicy twist to your sex recipe.

Another option is the wraparound position, where the woman is lifted up and the man begins to penetrate her while she is holding onto something in the shower. This position is enhanced by the water running down your body during sex. It can be a great workout if done correctly because it requires a lot of upper body strength.

Make your sexual experience as comfortable as possible by using the top-selling condom from the best condom brand in India, such as the Playgard super dotted condoms. Make your shower sex an unforgettable experience by following these tips.