Spice Things Right From Outside the Bedroom

Intimacy and sex are typically shown in movies and on television as occurring between two individuals who are both naked and in bed. They portray it as exclusively physical and sporadically romantic. However, intimacy and sex aren’t just reserved for the confines of your bedroom. They can occur anywhere, at any time, and whether or not you are dressed. Well, things might escalate soon, and when they do, don’t forget to use the best condom brand in IndiaPlaygard

But how exactly do you do that? The solution is as straightforward as foreplay.

Foreplay is now typically thought of as oral sex that occurs before physical sex. We regard it as the beginning of sex and the change from chilly to hot. That isn’t always the case, though. Foreplay can, of course, involve oral sex, but it can also involve countless small acts of kindness throughout the day. It may be a belly rub, an in-depth discussion, or the instant connection that develops as your eyes meet across the room. You can turn foreplay into whatever you want it to be. It is not constrained by one definition. It is adjustable and versatile enough to fit every person and every connection.

Believe it or not, foreplay can take place outside of the bedroom. It doesn’t necessarily have to end in sex and might occur hours before you even think about having sex. Because you are as attuned to your partner’s intellect as you are to their body, foreplay might be another way to be intimate with them. It might help you and your spouse feel closer to one another. Later on, you can also make use of flavoured condoms to intensify things. 

Here are several strategies suggested by individuals through their experiences to enhance foreplay that outside the bedroom:

Tease your partner 

My favourite method of teasing my lover is to use my underwear. Sometimes, right at the beginning of our date, I’ll tell them what’s underneath my clothes. This works especially well when I’m dressed simply and casually since it throws him off guard and stays in his head the rest of the day. Sometimes I’ll turn it into a game. I’ll ask him to predict the colour and promise a reward if he does. If you want to do this, make sure to be a diva, especially if your partner makes a bad estimate. Play the game to increase sexual tension instead of making it about right or wrong.


Avoid kissing your partner’s lips; instead, kiss their neck, cheek, forehead, inside of their wrist, and anything else. Or you could give them a gentle kiss. When they begin to press the kiss deeper, back off. Denying them what they so desperately desire is the point. You’ll need to exercise a lot of restraint, but the outcome will be rewarding. The kiss they give you when you eventually cave in will make your toes curl, and believe me when I say it will drive them mad.

Gently Caress

Use only your fingertips to gently caress them as you brush your fingers across their arms, neck, face, and any other area you choose. Soft touches that tug at the heartstrings have a caring and delicate quality. The ghost of touch also has a sexual undertone; it’s a subtle sort of teasing that will make your spouse think only of your touch. In that moment of the caress everything else should melt away and the world should revolve just around you and your partner.

Shower them with compliments 

If your partner is a man, this will work very well. Unfortunately, guys aren’t used to getting compliments. They won’t hold back while complimenting your appearance, but nothing will prepare them for when you also praise them. You can compliment them on insignificant details, such as how nice their hair looks or how lovely their eyes are if you’re striving for a deeper degree of connection. On the other hand, be a little crude if your ultimate goal is to be naked under the covers. Describe how well-fitted their pants are. Tell them how much you enjoy the touch of their hands. Drop veiled hints, direct their thoughts to the bedroom, and stroke their ego. Encourage your partner to feel admirable. You can be as sexual or as lighthearted as you choose when trying these things out. Don’t assume that just because you’re laughing, there’s no sexual tension present. The most intimate thing you can do is laugh with your lover. Also, don’t get too carried away once you’re in the game to even forget to use a condom. For ultimate friction and condom protection, use extra dotted by Playgard.