The Play of Extra Dots!

“Condoms are no fun!” Well, then you haven’t used the right one yet. Whether you’re new to sex or want to explore your sexual horizons and acquire rhythmic vibrations, an extra dotted condom is a must. 

There are too reasons why you should use a condom: to avoid getting pregnant, STDs/STIs, to increase your pleasure, and so on.  

The protective latex sheets have come a long way since they were first introduced. Nowadays, condoms have progressed beyond their original purpose, and it is widely accepted that they may attain much more than preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.  

There are diverse kinds to pick from, yet we all have different needs, wants, and beliefs about what makes a condom the best condom brand in India. However, you will not have to limit yourself to ‘off-the-shelf’ norms. There are a variety of textured condoms to choose from, but what are the perks?  

Have you ever felt a lack of sexual tension or passion? Want to spice up your love life?  

Embracing a dotted condom range into your intimate encounters exudes desire, and it’s also exciting to try new things! Contrary to popular belief, a condom does not impair enjoyment.  

Condoms come in a variety of flavours and types to help you rejuvenate your physical relationship.  

Why Should You Use Dotted Condoms?  

Extra Dotted condoms have a series of irregular, round dots that run the length of the condom’s exterior. The dotted pattern increases friction and adds an extra level of pleasure for both you and your companion because of the variable surface texture.  

During intercourse, a dotted condom garners a subtle tension that increases the partner’s excitement. Playgard Super dotted condom – the best-dotted condom considerably improved this. So, if you want that little touch of tension, then get yourself the extra dotted condom.  

Are dotted condoms more pleasurable?  

Condom texture has a significant impact on enjoyment.  

Textured condoms, such as dotted condoms, have been found to boost enjoyment for certain people. The nerve endings in the vulva (the exterior region of the vagina) are aroused more as a result of the increased friction caused by the condoms’ patterned surface.  

Aside from the thrusting movement during intercourse, many people find that stroking the dotted condom penis with the clitoris adds pleasure. The condom’s surface roughness brings the sparks to the nerve endings, whether they’re in the vulva, clitoris, or vagina!  

So, if you are yet to try Playgard extra dotted condom? Then you mustn’t wait to add the touch of spice that your sexual life lacks. Playgard condom has the finest range of extra dotted condoms in different flavours like chocolate flavour condom, strawberry flavour condom, ice mint flavour condom, orange flavour condom and more.  

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