5 unique places to have sex in your house

5 Unique Places To Have Sex In Your House

While having sex in bed is nice and good, there are certain exciting settings to engage in sexual activity that may turn-up the heat. The list of places where you can try experimenting is long, but doing it in your home yet in unusual spaces every time is far more exciting. When things get heated and intense, the bedroom may seem like the most natural place to find seclusion, but most couples could use a little variety in their routine. When your spouse is ready for sex again, consider moving things along by going to a new place. Making a personal bucket list of things to see and do inside your house can add to the excitement.

So, just get out of bed and explore the places in your home. For some great ideas, keep reading.

PS: No judgement at all.

Sex at the Kitchen Table

Try arranging your own make-out session on top of a kitchen table if you really want to feel you’re in a movie. Why limit it to only movie stars when it’s such a unique, cinematic atmosphere for sex? To make the experience even more memorable, try some role-playing, dirty whispering and ambient music in the background.

Living Room Sex

The next time you and your partner get touchy while binge-watching Netflix, don’t bother going to the bedroom; start right there on the couch in the living room. Although it’s a touch more fascinating than your ordinary mattress, the cushioned surface is still ideal for excellent angles and positions. You can also experiment with different flavoured condoms like chocolate flavour condom, strawberry flavour condom, orange flavour condom and more.

The Stairway Sex

You wouldn’t believe how much more prepared for steamy sex this place is than it appears. If you’re still unsure, try straddling the steps in a dog-like pose. You’ll see that the woman finds it simple to maintain balance when the man positions himself from behind. Moreover, it’s a unique location for experimentation and a terrific posture for some extra stimulation paired up with extra dotted, Playgard condoms.

Toward a Sink Sex

Even if you’ve never seen plumber porno, there’s something strangely seductive about this scene. Allow the other to take control after having one partner brace themselves against the sink. As lubrication underwater might be challenging, for many couples, this is a perfect alternative to shower sex.

Mirror Sex

Bring the items to the bathroom, closet, or any other location where you may strike a stance in front of a mirror. You will both experience a whole new degree of pleasure from the visual stimulation of watching each other work in front of a reflecting surface. Additionally, a mirror could really be able to show you how to perform some of the challenging poses you’ve always wanted to try.

Time for a bonus idea!

Someone Else’s Bedroom

Consider having sex in the bedroom of a roommate, brother, or parent (sneaky right!) if you share a home and are genuinely ready to take a chance on everything. You two will go crazy from the excitement of being somewhere unjustifiable, but take care not to offend anyone or cause too much havoc.

There has never been a better moment than the present to spice up your love life. Fortunately, sometimes all it takes to get the two of you moving is a different environment. Don’t be scared to experiment around your home. Try out a couple of these spots to discover what suits you.

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