Hushhh! Be Quiet! Ways to Have Sex Quietly

Imagine, you’re in the mood for some cozy time with your partner but the house is full! Flat mates, parents, children could be anyone. But now you’re thinking about how to get things steamy without anyone getting a hint of it?  

The key to having sex, when you are surrounded by people, is to have silent sex. And, contrary to what we’ve all acquired from over-the-top porn movies, silent sex can be as exciting as hell. So, read on to know the few ways you and your partner could have silent sex.  

Get on the floor  

Leave the bed for another time. Give the floor a go. Beds can rattle and creak. Some mattresses make a lot of noise, as well. Place some blankets and cushions on the floor and try it out. It’s not as comfortable, but it’s considerably quieter for a quickie.  

Get in the shower  

Have some fun in the shower. Sexy times under shower-heads are wonderful. With running water, you can shut the door and mask the noise. Be careful about slippery and soapy objects, avoid tumbles and injuries. Also, one of you should leave the bathroom while the other lingers before escaping invisibly. The thought of getting caught ignites the rush and thrill. So, if you are up for some excitement, get some action in the shower.  

Put some music on 

Do it to the music. Put on some music to block out the lovemaking. Just make sure to put in the right songs, or else what a mood spoiler that would be. 

Late in the night 

It is early in the morning. It’s late at night. When everybody else is sleeping, do it. Of course, you won’t be able to be as loud as you would want to be, but you sure will have more privacy.  

Don’t go too hard 

Avoid anything that makes you moan or scream loudly. Do you have a particular position that drives you insane? Or what do you do that makes people scream your name? Do not attempt it. To keep the sound down, make things simple. It’ll still be fantastic, but it won’t be as loud. After everyone has left the house, you may perform the scream-worthy stuff.  

Seal it with a kiss 

When you’re ready for the big O, kiss like your life depends on it. You should be able to control the sounds you normally make in the heat of the moment. Muffle those moans with a kiss while you climax. If that doesn’t work, try concentrating on slow, steady breathing for just as long as you can — this will also help you make less noise during sex.  

Hide the evidence  

Don’t blow your cover after you blow your load! Dispose off the condom properly. Make sure you wrap the used condom properly and throw it away. Disposing of a condom can sometimes be a task. To make this process easy, try Playgard’s condom protection, which comes with a disposable pouch. You can seal the used condom, push it into the pouch, and then bury it in the trash can.

These approaches will help you make things hotter while making less noise. Use a condom to keep things subtle and avoid an unintended pregnancy. You may also try Playgard super dotted condom for even more pleasure while remaining safe. Playgard condoms can also be used if you enjoy a variety of flavours like chocolate flavour condom, strawberry flavour condom, ice mint flavoured condom, orange flavour condom and many more.  

Be it the condom or the techniques, get ready to stir things up! Follow Playgard on Instagram for fun