Embarrassed to dispose your condom? Dispose Responsibly with Playgard’s Special Disposal Pouch.

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Both panting, having just had the most amazing session, you both lie tangled in each other’s arms, waiting for the heart rate to slow down. As your adrenaline level drops, one question pops into your head: Now what shall I do with this condom? Different people dispose off condoms differently, but the worst way is to throw them out the window.  

Everybody has come across a used condom lying in the streets, imagine how embarrassing it must be for all those who happen to come across it. It is certainly not a site for any of us to witness. 

There is no reason we must expose anybody to a used condom; it is just disgusting! With millions of condoms distributed each year alone, there needs to be decent condom etiquette among condom users. No one else needs to pick up your filthy condom. If you have time to put it on and pull it off, you have time to be sensible and dump it “PROPERLY”!  

For most of us, condoms bring a lot of embarrassment, right from the time of buying them. “Bhaiya ek wo flavoured packet dena na?” or “Bhaiya wo jo protection ke liye use hota hai wo hai kya?” and followed by many random descriptions are common when purchasing a condom in India. So now imagine disposing of a used condom. *covers face with hands in sheer embarrassment* 

But the real question is, why are we embarrassed about condom protection? However, this embarrassment fades away with time and age. But the barrier that comes with condoms leads to unprotected intercourse. This proves more expensive than using a condom, buying and discarding them is also a concern. 

Flushing down the toilet clogs the pipeline. Swinging it out the window to show the world that you’ve gotten laid. Throwing it in the sea or lake while making kids wonder why someone would waste a balloon like that, well, these may be the worst ways to dispose of condoms but they are also the most common ones. 

So, how can you spare yourself some embarrassment? Dealing with embarrassment is one of the most important concerns of any condom brand around. To deal with that, Playgard the best condom brand comes with a special disposal pouch, proving why it is the real player. Each Playgard condom comes with a disposal pouch to help you discard them subtly after use. What a game-changer! 

So right after the most amazing time in bed, you don’t have to worry about discarding a sloppy piece of latex. Just be the responsible one of the two and say “Excuse me, let me get rid of this” and just reach for the pouch it came with. Slide the used condom into the pouch, wrap the ends and throw it in the bin. A used condom must be discarded responsibly. 

Knowing the importance of safe sex is important, but also knowing where a used condom belongs is important too. Playgard, the best condom brand in India has initiated awareness of the disposal of condoms. If you are smart enough to use condom protection, then be smart enough to use flavoured condoms that come with a pouch to be discarded in.