Wanna Be a Real Player? Here’s How!

Wanna Be a Real Player? Here's How!

She was terrified because it was her first time. “It’s my first time,” she said quietly. At first, he was taken aback, but quickly reached for her hand and replied, “Only if you’re ready!” “I am,” she stated. As a result, while reassuring her, he started kissing and making love. It was an experience that still gives her chills.  

Making love is the simple part, understanding your partner’s feelings is the tricky bit. Real Player is the one who cracks this code. Understanding how and what your partner needs is very important. Pleasure is not one way. Yeah, you might get your satisfaction but leave your partner disappointed. There are several things you must consider, like the few stated below:  

Be considerate of your partner’s feelings 

“Love doesn’t begin and finish the way we believe it does.” Love is a fight for togetherness, love is a commitment to care, and love is growth. ” 

So, the first step in “growing together” is to see the value of giving to others and putting others’ ideas and feelings ahead of your own. 

However, the amazing thing is that when we prioritise our partner’s feelings, we receive far more than we give. And that is what genuine love is: a never-ending cycle of giving and receiving fueled by unselfish and self-sacrificial acts. A loop in which each individual becomes more fulfilled, and the relationship becomes more stable than it has ever been. 

As a result, by giving first, you will receive a thousandfold back. So does your relationship. 

Indulge in plenty of foreplay  

It’s no mystery that orgasms are hard to achieve for many women. Oftentimes the answer lies in communication, simply asking the needs of your partner. It might be because of a lack of foreplay, clitoral stimulation, or concerns about sexual prowess, or it could simply be because of moods. 

Thus, if you jump right into action without even a smidgeon of foreplay, you’re probably missing out on setting yourself up for the climax. So, if you want to have your partner scream “O” in bed, then don’t miss foreplay. 

Try new things in bed  

It can happen to perhaps the finest relationships. Love burns brightly at first, then fades to a mellow gleam. The heat in the bed might go out completely if you don’t stoke the fire with something creative once in a while. Initially, the spice of freshness kept the relationship alive, as did the excitement of discovery as you explored one another’s bodies, preferences, and personalities. It was simple to keep things heated at first. That effortless sexual connection faded as you settled into the relationship, routines set in, and money and/or children entered the scene. It takes more work now to reignite that old romance. Make that effort! 

Don’t miss out on communication  

Good sex is a multi-sensory interaction that brings people together in a state of closeness, connection, pleasure, and intimacy. The sexual act is frequently the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sex. The love shown in movies, on television, or in porn, shows that you intrinsically know how to turn on your partner. That being said, if you don’t communicate about it, you’ll never know. Sex brings up a lot of emotions, tangled history, and assumptions. 

Also, engaging in the actual act is simply one aspect of having wonderful sex. For sex to be healthy, pleasant, and safe, proper communication is required. Talking about sex allows you and your partner to connect and get to know each other’s needs better. 

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