How to spice things up in bed

How to spice things up in bed

Every relationship reaches a point where no matter how happy you both  have reached stagnancy. The intimacy is missing, whether it’s stress-related, hormonal, or maybe you’ve just been with this partner for so long that no amount of date nights or pillow talk brings back the intimacy. However, if things grow a little boring in the bedroom, it is easy to liven things up. Read the following article to know how to spice things up in bed.  

Oh, please! Keep your clothing on  

You’re certainly accustomed to stripping down to your inners to get intimate, but in reality, getting almost naked is far more attractive than being completely naked. Keeping a ferocious pair of high heels to a delicate pearl can bring out your seductive side. Guys should go commando and unzip their jeans! (That’s a lot sexier than keeping your socks on, isn’t it?) It might fascinate you to do the reverse of what you normally do. This can definitely spark things up. 

Make up a fictitious relationship. (Along with your partner!) 

Arrange a date with your spouse or partner and claim to hook up with your lover when both of you (assume to) abandon your partner at home. One of the reasons for cheating on your partner is to feel sexually liberated; simply acting that way can cause excitement and shivers. Role-playing can be super-fun.  

Bring In the Accessories  

Some men truly believe that the use of sex toys or accessories means they are not “masculine enough,” yet this is far from the case. Sex toys, like dildos, are a thing that several partners enjoy together, and studies suggest that partners that play with adult toys together are much more physically and emotionally pleased. Sex toys are a great way to give things a turn and also spice things up by accelerating interest. They can be further utilised to bridge the gap between women and men when it comes to orgasm.  

Discuss your sexual fantasies 

Most of us have erotic fantasies that typically occur regularly. Many of us, though, haven’t even discussed our desires with our partner, nor taken action on them. This could keep us from having what we desire in our sexual life. The partners who have the greatest sexual experiences are often more likely to communicate and engage in their sexual desires with one another, emphasizing the significance of open communication.  

Make Full Use of Your Senses  

Sex is very much a sensation. It isn’t only about physical senses and touch. It is also about what you can see, taste, hear, and smell. You must consider using all of these to your advantage. 

  • Touch and smell: use scented candles, scented room fresheners, or perfumed massage oils. 
  • Sight: Be a view, wear sexy lingerie, or cosplay   
  • Sound: Play great music   

Of course, you don’t have to do all these things at the same time — just consider how you may use most of your sensory experiences (and your partner’s too) to boost your sex life. Spice things up but don’t forget to use condom protection. There are many top condom brands in India but there’s no other like Playgard. So, spice things up and also stay safe.