Condom-related FAQs

Condom-related FAQs

Given the increasing improvements that the internet world has been bringing with it, sex still does have a stigma associated with it, and it may be a tough subject to discuss at times.  

Now, what do you do if you have a sex-related query while being too ashamed to approach a friend or family member?  

We are convinced you did what any of us would do, which is to look it up on the net and then sift through the results for the best response to your concern.  

We’ve heard all the most common condom questions and realise how difficult it may be to discover most of the answers in one spot. We’ll do exactly that in this blog, and hopefully, we’ll be able to address the top five of your questions.  

Is it possible for a condom to burst?  

Condoms can tear, rupture, or explode if they are not properly used, but this is an unusual occurrence. On the other hand, condoms are one of the most dependable and secure types of contraception, with substantially greater efficiency than other methods. Also, you can make use of flavoured condoms

To make sure you’re not one of the few, it is necessary to keep your condoms properly, take care of them, and use them carefully.  

Also, condoms are protective against Hiv/Aids diseases (STIs). How effective are they?  

Yes. Condom protection is real against Hiv/aids or other STI’s. Condoms have been shown to prevent individuals from having sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Because infections are transmitted in a variety of ways, condoms provide varying levels of risk reduction for various STIs. Some diseases can be transmitted by exposure to body fluids, whereas others are spread through direct skin contact.  

Condoms fail a lot, don’t they?  

Condoms are less dependable and successful in preventing pregnancy than modern hormonal alternatives, but condoms are the only technique that will keep us safe against STIs and HIV/AIDS.  

Is it possible to re-use a condom?  

No, reusing a condom, regardless of gender, is not advised. Every time you have intercourse, you must wear a fresh condom.  

Is it true that using a condom, whether male or female, makes sex less pleasant?  

Condoms may obstruct feelings and spontaneity for some individuals, but they may be enjoyable to use after you’ve become used to how to put them on.  

Are condoms delicate or fragile?  

Not at all. Most condoms are comprised of latex, a durable and flexible substance. Condoms are subjected to stringent quality assurance testing at every stage of production to guarantee that they are undamaged, stable, strong, and free of holes. Simply store your condoms in a cool, dry environment and inside your wallet.  

Condoms are a convenient, inexpensive, and effective method of contraception. It has a long list of advantages and seldom creates any problems. Follow the directions on the package and don’t take it off until intercourse is over. So, get your condom protection from one of the top condom brands in India: Playgard.