Make use of condoms to the fullest

Make use of condoms to the fullest

Condoms are great! Yes, they are, and they are now available in a variety of forms, including ultra-thin, ribbed, warming, extra dotted, scented, and more, and they also help prevent pregnancy and STIs. 

Sadly, many heterosexual ladies have come across a “that someone” who has stated, “Ah, condom protection! It does not feel nice! ” “I can’t climax with this on!” or “Hm, it destroys the mood.” Those explanations aren’t valid, no matter how much you sympathise with him having to wrap his D in latex. All you can do to help him is to make the process enjoyable. 

Don’t worry, you can use your imagination! Before you toss the condoms to the side and expose yourself and your partner to the danger of unwanted STI transmission and pregnancy, think about ways to make using a condom more fun. Read on to find out some of those bold ways: 

Make use of lubrication: Many guys, particularly those who are inexperienced with sex, will not use lubrication. But, a little (pea-sized) drop of water-based lubrication on the inner tip can help to make intercourse more enjoyable. Applying a moderate quantity of water-based lubrication to the exterior of a man’s condom can enhance increase feelings of excitement (i.e., erection). 

Get Hard First: Sit tight till you’re completely erect. As condoms are meant to fit over an erect penis. Why bother putting it on when you’re only mid-way there? According to several studies, a significant proportion of young males will use a condom even if they aren’t excited enough or erect enough. Start with foreplay and then go for the condom only when it is completely erect.  

Use of flavoured condoms: For oral sex, try flavoured condoms to add another dimension of excitement and mix to the sensuality. There seem to be different types of condoms to choose from, so test a few to discover which one you prefer and then have fun with great taste! Playgard, India’s best condom comes in a wide range of flavours like, Strawberry, Chocolate and many more, you should definitely explore! 

The partnership is key: Ask your spouse or partner to put the condom on. So, you can focus on certain things, like gazing at or stroking her, while she puts on the condom. This might help you maintain your erection while wearing the condom. 

Feel it: The most crucial part is the sensation. However, some men say that condoms reduce the sensation during sex. All you have to do is find the correct condoms, since there are condoms that are considerably roomier along the shaft and/or head, or simply thinner, and these condoms may improve the experience, leading to your finest one in bed. Get your hands on such condoms from Playgard, one of the top condom brands in India. Playgard super dotted condoms are India’s highest textured condoms that are sure to give her a never before experience of pleasure. Find out the perfect feel condom that brings pleasure to your partner and you. 

With less risk, you can enjoy the finest. If you include these suggestions in your condom usage, you and your partner will almost certainly grab a condom before anything else. For a fun time in bed, keep things light and playful.