Add a fun dimension to your sex life with Playgard Super-dotted condoms

Add a fun dimension to your sex life with Playgard Super-dotted condoms

Have you ever experienced sexual tension because of a lack of passion? Are you hoping to spice up your romantic life?

In addition to adding passion to your private times, trying out different dotted condom designs is fascinating! Contrary to popular belief, using contraceptives has not been associated with any exceptional side effects.

However, the myths around condoms have not affected the production of different condoms. There are numerous different condom varieties available to enhance your sexual pleasure. The most recent ones feature regular, or dotted condoms that come in a variety of colours and tastes.

A dotted condom is what?

If you frequently use condoms, it’s time to make the switch to dotted condoms. Plain condoms with a rough surface are known as extra dotted condoms. It is thought that this textural shift will revolutionize the enjoyment experience. You may have been curious about dotted condoms after seeing their advertisement. The rationale behind condom placement is pretty straightforward.

Through the use of dot patterns, a dotted condom during sex produces a pleasantly rhythmic tumultuous action. These condoms with dots enable full sensual exploration, which results in a pleasurable encounter.

There could be a time when things might get monotonous for you and your partner, which sure demands a change. This change will heat things up. To add the missing spice and extra stimulation, Playgard has their super dotted condoms in store for you. The super dotted condom is designed to offer you better and more intense sensitivity. It gives a sleeker feel during sex. The rough texture enhances pleasure. The super dots will definitely contribute to your intense play. To notch up, they come in several flavours like chocolate flavour condom, strawberry flavour condom, orange flavour condom, ice mint flavour condom and more. 

1) Initial sexual encounter

Some people may not use condoms at all or may only use the most regular condoms for their sexual sex. Why not experiment with a new issue in your new sexual pleasure?

In this case, dotted condoms could be used. It’s most likely simple. However, this simple element is strong enough to provide you with an entirely new sexual experience. Even if you will return to the obvious condoms or raw sexual intercourse, using dotted condoms on occasion is a safe and effective method to a new and exciting sexual experience.

2) Increase self-esteem

One’s confidence can also be increased by using dotted condoms, especially for men. Despite the fact that dotted condoms are designed to boost women’s sexual honour, that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful for men.

Men are the primary users of condoms. In this case, dotted condoms can boost men’s confidence because they believe they can provide more satisfaction for their sexual partner by using the condoms.

3) Boost sexual satisfaction

The purpose of dotted condoms and the alternative textured condoms is to increase sexual pride. While the majority of dotted condoms have a dot-like pattern on the outside, some have more dotted layering on the inside. It will increase both men’s and women’s extreme pleasure.

The genital organs, as we all know, are extremely sensitive, even when we use obvious condoms or nothing at all. What could it be if we dotted condoms due to stimulation? You’ll discover that you have an excessive libido and have sensational intercourse.

4) Increase intimacy

Dotted condoms are used for more than just protection and pleasure. It may also increase partner intimacy. As we all know, attempting an unusual element to explore our sexual lifestyles necessitates communication and agreement among partners. As a result, using condoms as a means of settlement between you and your associate may even increase intimacy in your courtship.

Apart from the pleasure, these condoms are great at preventing pregnancy and also protect you against any sexually transmitted diseases.

To enjoy all its pleasures, get your pack of big dotted condoms today!