The Art Of Spicing Things Up!

We are constantly told that we could be enjoying greater orgasms, sex, or relationships. But how frequently do we learn the specifics of how we can genuinely comprehend our most private aspirations and awkward questions? Read on to find out how to liven up the romance and make sex more exciting in a committed relationship.

The main lesson we want you to take away from this article is that even modest alterations can have a big impact. So many people believe that “spicing things up” entails engaging in an extreme activity like partaking in an orgy or donning full-body bondage gear. Not at all! Here are some extremely short and easy suggestions that can be a lot of fun:

Have sex at a different time of day than normal.

Get down somewhere new, like the top of the washing machine, the stairs, or a different surface.

To create new angles in your favourite sex positions, place pillows beneath your butt.

Try going for quickies or spending a full afternoon being intimate. Try having sex for varying durations of time. Use of flavour condom and textured condoms like Playgard Super Dotted condoms can also spice things up.

Consider your five senses as a means to come up with potential improvements. One of the senses that provides the greatest options in sight. Make an effort to maintain eye contact when being intimate. Alternately, try having sex by candlelight alone, with the lights on, or both. Before or during having sex, you can also view porn.

To test your hearing, listen to music or attempt dirty chat with each other. Lighting a great musky candle will help you feel more relaxed. By paying close attention to how various portions of your partner’s body taste, or by taking your time giving each other a long, passionate kiss, you can invite your tastes to the celebration.

Try teasing each other with unusual textures like silk ties, fuzzy scarves, or delicate feathers to pique your sense of touch. You might even ask your partner to choose their favourite after touching their body in two different ways. Using a blindfold or attempting to avoid touching each other with your hands are other ways to try to deprive yourself of your senses.

One of the best favourite strategies for reviving desire in the bedroom is to temporarily forbid your go-to behaviours. Do you and your partner rely on your status as a missionary too frequently? Create a “rule” prohibiting sexual activity while serving a mission for one month. You might also limit your orgasmic behaviour to times when you are both masturbating. If you’re extremely disciplined, consider spending a full week doing nothing but kissing. Even though it’s simply a random law, it will still be very seductive to know that some things are “forbidden”!

Many people fall into the trap of believing they should only recommend activities they are certain they will enjoy. Asking to try something new in the bedroom might feel risky, so many people try to play it safe by sticking with the tried-and-true routines or by saying nothing at all.

The issue is that before trying something, it’s difficult to determine if you will enjoy it. For instance, you might have had a passing interest in 69-ing or being dominated but been too afraid to bring it up since you weren’t sure you’d like it. Take a shot at it! Even if it doesn’t turn out to be your favourite activity, you and your partner will have experienced something new, and you’ll learn more about what you do enjoy. Including orange flavour condom, chocolate flavour condoms or any other condom.

No, we’re not always referring to other individuals. (That warrants a separate article.) I’m referring to accessories.

  These days, the market is filled with so many fantastic sex toys. You can buy a toy made for one person and put on a small performance for the other person. Alternately, you may look into couple’s sex toys that you and your partner could use. Additionally, you may get lubricant, sex equipment, restraining devices, and even a sex swing. When it comes to changing things up, it never hurts to have some backup.

Playfulness with your lover is one of the best ways to spice up your sex life. There are many entertaining approaches to making sex into a game. Bet on ridiculous board games or trivia questions for a chance to win a sensuous massage. Fight while you’re naked. Find inventive ways to get around them while still wearing your clothes or undergarments. Play the characters from the Netflix series you just binge-watched. See who can endure the longest as you take turns making fun of one another.

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