Discreetly dispose off the evidence with Playard’s disposable pouch

Discreetly dispose off the evidence with Playard's disposable pouch

There could be a time when your partner could turn to you nervously and ask, “So, uh, can we try it without, like, condom sometime?”

Allow me to paint a picture of what might happen next. After ticking all the right boxes—obtaining STI-negative results and waiting for your new birth control to take effect—you finally embark on what is considered a “more sensual or intimate” sexual experience.

He’ll say, in between controlled thrusts, “Ugh, it’s so amazing to, like, I can really feel you.” The difference between his shaft flesh and a thin lubricated piece of latex, however, is, if you’re being completely honest with yourself, it’s negligible. Sensationally, it’s not doing much more for you; his natural junk isn’t ribbed for your pleasure like the extra dotted.

Well, there are tons of myths that circulate around using a condom. They are myths for a reason. Condoms in fact are the best contraceptives, and when it comes to pleasure, they don’t even hamper that. From the extra dotted to the flavoured ones, every kind is designed to provide you with the highest form of pleasure with the utmost condom protection.

The importance and pleasure could be high, but so is the embarrassment. From buying condoms to disposing off, it is an embarrassment for a lot of folks out there. ‘Jaana tu leke aana, koi dekh lega’ most of us have been in this situation while buying a condom. The embarrassment may be real, but it fades with time, which means having unprotected sex shouldn’t be considered.

Have you ever spotted a used condom while walking down the street? Isn’t that a painful sight? A piece of latex lying there with semen leaking out. Gross, isn’t it?

Using a condom is important and so is its disposal.

Imagine you both panting right after reaching the climax at the same time. This was the best sex y’all ever had, and now it is time to take off the condom and all you can think of is where and how to hide the evidence. And the worry just killed the vibe!

Now in that moment, if you had known, there’s a disposal pouch and all you have to do is shove the used condom inside and move onto cuddle. Then you get rid of the condom in a matter of seconds without killing the vibe. A win-win, right?

To save you from being a vibe killer, Playgard has you covered. Playgard condoms give you the needed protection without having to regret wearing a condom also, they come with a disposal pouch. The disposal pouch is where you slide in the used condom and simply move on with your life.

With super dotted for that extra friction, finest condom flavours like chocolate flavour condom, strawberry flavour condom, orange flavour condom, ice-mint flavour condom to disposal pouches, you have no reason to go raw.

There’s no reason to wait anymore; just get your pack of Playgard right away.

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