What it’s like to have sex after giving birth!

So, you followed your doctor’s advice and abstained from having sex for six weeks after giving birth, and now you both want to get intimate once more. Sex after giving birth is enjoyable; it’s like reuniting with your desires after what seems like an endless wait. Well, if your child has established a sleep schedule by this point (which I sincerely doubt), you two may be able to get some action in bed. But first things first, don’t rush into having sex. Keep in mind that the new mom is still healing from the effort and trauma of childbirth. Even though the hospital advises not having sex for the first six weeks after giving birth, some women may take months to get in the mood.

The general advice for having sex after becoming pregnant is to take it slow because it could ruin the moment and have an adverse effect on your relationship. So, we advise you to go slowly. However, once you two are in the mood and want to maximise your time together, don’t be careless, which means you should continue to adhere to the safe sex guidelines. Do not neglect to purchase a condom. Yes, unless you are immediately ready for another child, you still need a condom. You can try Playgard super dotted condom to experience greater stimulation and pleasure, alongside total condom protection.

Due to the fact that the woman hasn’t started her period yet, many people choose not to use a condom when having intercourse while pregnant. They therefore believe that a pregnancy may not be on the horizon. Contrary to popular belief, there have been situations where a woman became pregnant before her periods resumed after giving birth. Here are some justifications for using a condom during sexual activity.

  • Even if your female partner hasn’t got her periods, she may still be ovulating because unprotected sex raises the possibility of a subsequent pregnancy.
  • You certainly don’t want to take any chances over here, because a woman’s body requires at least six months to recover before it is suitable for another child.
  • A premature pregnancy can be harmful to the mother and the unborn child.

Many women begin to consider the mechanics of sex after birth at some point in the postpartum period (or possibly even while they are still pregnant), and it isn’t always an easy thing to imagine. After everything your body has gone through after pregnancy, having sex might seem incredibly intimidating on both a physical and mental level.

So, what else should you know about having sex after giving birth? The truth is that in the first few months after giving birth, not only has your body accomplished a remarkable feat, but you’re also likely to be sleep-deprived, have a drastically different daily schedule, and go through some changes in your relationship with your partner as you adjust to your new roles as parents. It might not be great the first time you try sex. Your sexual life will likely go through an adjustment period.

Sure, sex may change after motherhood, but for the majority of women, it may still be fulfilling. The idea is to prepare yourself (and your spouse) for what to expect so that the actual changes don’t shock you.

The condom’s protective coating may act as a lubricant for the female partner, who may be experiencing vaginal dryness as a result of reduced estrogen levels following childbirth. Ask your girlfriend whether she feels comfortable or if she uses a specific lubricant, because, for many people, the condom may have the exact opposite effect. Don’t overlook the condom, though. You can buy condoms online or go for the best condom brand in India – Playgard. You can also Follow Playgard on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playgardindia/