Things you need to know about flavoured condoms!

Even if you enjoy having or receiving oral sex, there are always ways to improve it. One of those ways is by adding some flavour to the mix. Yes, we are referring to flavor-infused condoms. If you and your spouse enjoy oral sex, flavoured condoms may definitely make it more enjoyable and flavorful. For the uninitiated, flavoured condoms are something to be used for oral sex rather than penetrative sex. Not persuaded? Here are some facts regarding flavoured condoms that will persuade the use of flavoured condoms into your routine.

Why should you use flavoured condoms? 

It is well known that condoms prevent the spread of STDs in addition to pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief, STIs can be spread during any type of sexual activity, including unprotected oral sex. Due to their superior taste compared to unflavored condoms, flavoured condoms can prove to be the most effective method of preventing STIs and infections when used while going down on someone.

How To Use a Flavored Condom

Making sure the condom you choose fits properly should be your first priority while shopping. Of course, a condom that is too large or too thin could slip or even break. You can make sure you and your lover enjoy oral sex by finding the right one.

As many flavor-infused condoms on the market are composed of latex, it is best to check the packaging before buying one if you have a latex allergy.

Perform a taste test

A condom with a watermelon mojito flavour may sound unique, but it might not suit your taste. Because of this, it would be wise to conduct a taste test before purchasing the biggest box available.

Additionally, always use a fresh condom while putting one on. When switching from oral to penetrative intercourse, you must put on a new rubber even if your partner did not ejaculate.

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