As our ears contain sensitive skin both on the inside and outside on the earlobes, they act as goosebump-inducing receptors with sensual touch. Try gently kissing, nibbling on the earlobes or whisper sweet nothings into them and watch them get in the mood for some action.

Behind the Knee

Grab them behind the knee and gently massage the area with light squeezes as the ticklish sensation works up to get them in a sensual mood. Take things up a notch by kissing and putting your tongue down there to give them toe-curling sensations.


The closer to the genitals, the more aroused they will become. Use your fingers to make circles around the navel area or use a feather or an ice cube to tease them softly and slowly. Remember to take your time until our partner makes the next move.


We all know how satisfying and relaxing a head massage can be. Now, imagine someone caressing your hair while trying to turn you on. Make your partner experience this sensation and pretty soon you will be taking things to the bed.


Our neck’s location between the face and the rest of the body make it the most important area when it comes to erogenous zones. Use your nails to massage your partner’s neck while slowly making your way down either to their back or their chest to keep them at the edge.

Feet and Toes

Yes, we know how ticklish it is under the soles of our feet but if stimulated correctly, the tickles will lead the way for arousal. Use pressure accordingly and massage the feet with or without oil while slowly working up your way. If you both are into it, don’t hesitate to kiss and suck on the toes one-by-one to really set the mood.